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1850           Born in Providence to George B. and Ann Power Smith Oct. 19, 1850
1856-1868   Attended Providence, R.I., Public School system through high school
1872-1874   Preceptress (teacher) in Saginaw, Michigan, high school
1878           Received her B.A. from University of Michigan
1878-1879   Taught mathematics in Bartholomew’s School for Girls, Cincinnati, Ohio
1879-1880   Preceptress in Montclair, NJ, high school
1881           Received M.A. from University of Michigan
1882           Professor of Latin at Purdue University
1883           Professor of Latin at Smith College
1884-1885   Studied German & Music in Germany
1885-1886   First woman to study at the American School of Classical Studies in Greece
1887-1889   Gave parlor lectures in Greek and Roman archeology
1890           Public lecturer on Greek archeology, mountain climbing and South America
1895           Climbed the Materhorn in Switzerland
1897           Climbed Popocatepetl and Orizaba
1900           Climbed Funffinferspitze in Tyrol and other Alpine summits
1900           Official delegate of U.S. to the International Congress of Alpinism in Paris
1904           Climbed Mt. Sorota (Bolivia) 20,500 ft; partial ascent of Mt. Huascaran in Peru
1906           Exploration in Peru at source of Amazon (18,000 ft on highest peak of Raura Range); 

                  partial ascent of Mt. Huascaran, Peru, without guides
1908           Reached summit of north peak, Mt Huascaran, Peru, with guides Sept 2, 1908
1911           First ascent of two peaks of Mt Coropuna, Peru, July 10, 1911
1911           Wrote A Search for the Apex of America
1914           Wrote The South American Tour, reprinted in 1924.
1915-1916   Lectured in South America on U.S. industries & educational institutions
1922           Visited Brazil Centennial Exposition
1922           Wrote Commercial and Industrial South America, reprinted in 1927
1925           Delegate to Pan American Conference of Women (re Pan American Scientific Congress in Lima). 

                  Peck was only woman delegate to read paper in Spanish.
1929-1930   Tenth visit to South America. Arrived by plane.
1930           Presented with gold medal (Peru); silver slipper (stirrup) by Geographical Society; 

                  decorated with Order Al Merito (Chile) for her 80th birthday, Nov 1930
1935           Annie Smith Peck died July 18, 1935.

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