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Sub-Group/Series Statements

SUB-GROUP I: Papers of Annie S. Peck –Correspondence/Printed Works/Ephemera 29 bxs; 14.5 cu.ft.
This grouping of materials are separated into diaries, correspondences (incoming and outgoing), printed works, and ephemera.

Series 1: Diaries, 1862-1931, 1 bx., .5 cu ft                                            Arranged chronologically by year
The diaries are in book form and are divided by year with some gaps in between. For example, there are none between the years 1863-1871 or the years 1909-1920 so that some portions of Ms. Peck’s life are better documented than others. Each diary contains personal insight into Annie Peck’s life with her commentary on events during a certain time period. Most of the diaries deal with her love of travel and some take on the form of a travel log.

Series 2: Correspondence, 1856-1935, 19 bxs., 9.5 cu. ft.                         Arranged chronologically by year
This series is divided into sections; there is incoming, outgoing, and miscellaneous correspondences here. Incoming correspondence, the bulk of the series, contains letters received by Ms. Peck throughout her life. The outgoing correspondence consists of some drafts of letters which she sent, but is sketchy and does not contain much of her writings. The miscellaneous portion of this series is mostly unsigned and unidentified letters that Ms. Peck received.

Series 3: Printed Works 3 bxs., 1.5 cu.ft.,                                                         Arranged alphabetically
The printed works are divided into three groups; articles and manuscripts, journals and books, as well as miscellaneous pamphlets. The articles and manuscripts are writings by Ms. Peck and contain items on her travels and her interest in women’s rights. The journals and books are published materials. Her book The Apex of America is in this series. The journal articles are either by Ms. Peck or about her. The miscellaneous pamphlets include writings of interest to Ms. Peck and/or others that were printed for organizations in which Ms. Peck was involved. A number of pamphlets deal with women’s rights issues.

Series 4: Ephemera / Photographs, 6 bxs., 3 cu. ft.                                                  Arranged by form
This series consists mainly of photographs, posters and memorabilia of Annie Peck’s life, especially her professional career as a lecturer and mountain climber. The photographs are personal portraits, professional portraits, family photos and those of her mountain climbing expeditions. The memorabilia consists of invitations, calling cards, programs, biographical information, genealogical data on the Batchelder family and papers from Annie Peck’s school career. There are also posters of Ms. Peck’s speaking engagements and introductory remarks about her at dinners and speaking engagements.
       (Boxes 24, 25 and 26 containing photographs have been temporarily removed by the family of the late Prof. Shaista Rahman, owners of this collection.)

SUB-GROUP II: The Kadison Papers, 1911-1965                                                               4 bxs; 2 cu.ft.
The papers of Alexander and Isabel Dean Kadison are divided into three series; the papers of Alexander Kadison, the papers of Isabel Dean Kadison, and printed items (such as booklets, bulletins and magazines).

Series 5: Papers of Alexander Kadison, 1 bx., .5 cu ft                                   Arranged chronologically
The Kadison papers contain correspondence which Mr. Kadison received during his lifetime. Of special note is the correspondence of H. L. Mencken and that pertaining to the Peck biography, which Mr. Kadison was commissioned to write.

Series 6: Papers of Isabel Dean Kadison, 1 bx., .5 cu ft.                              Arranged chronologically
The material here is mainly personal in nature and reflects Isabel Kadison’s life as a scholar and student of classical languages. Most of the correspondence deals with her relationships at Barnard and Columbia Universities. There are some personal letters from Alexander Kadison.

Series 7: Printed Works, 2 bxs, 1. cu ft                                                            No particular order
The journals and pamphlets on view here were collected by the Kadison family. Some of them are by writers and topics that interested the Kadisons; other articles describe Annie Peck and her South American travels.

SUB-GROUP III: Research Materials                                                                                  1 bx; .5 cu.ft.

Series 8: Peck Family History/”Peckiana” notes, 1 bx., .5 cu ft Arranged by form
The research material found in this series covers the Peck family. Most of the items are copies of primary source materials, entitled “Peckiana.” The originals can be found at the John Hay Library in Providence, R.I.


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