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Software Installed on Public Computers

Note: Click on software name to see where it is installed.

Operating Systems
Mac OS 10.6.2 Apple
Windows XP Microsoft
Windows 7 Microsoft
Software Environment
Acrobat Distiller CS4 Adobe
Acrobat Reader X Adobe
Acrobat X Professional Adobe
Acrobat X Professional CS4 Adobe
Adobe Designer CS4 Adobe
Adobe Device Central CS4 Adobe
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Adobe
Adobe Extend Script Toolkit CS4 Adobe
Adobe Extension Manager Adobe
Adobe Fireworks CS4 Adobe
Adobe Flash Adobe
Adobe Flash CS4 Adobe
Adobe Illustrator CS4 Adobe
Adobe ImageReady CS4 Adobe
Adobe InDesign CS4 Adobe
Adobe Media Encoder CS4 Adobe
Adobe Media Player CS4 Adobe
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Adobe
Air Adobe
ArtStor Offline Image Viewer
Audacity 1.3.9
Automator 2.1 Apple
Burlington English
Calculator 4.0 Apple
Chrome Google
Code Blocks (Ask at Helpdesk)
CS6 Design and Web Premium Adobe
DevCPP (Ask at Helpdesk)
Dictionary 1.0 Apple
Diet Analysis Plus (Ask at Helpdesk) Wadsworth
Digital Editions Adobe
DVD Player 5.2 Apple
Firefox Mozilla
Firefox 3.5.4 Mozilla
GarageBand 5.1 Apple
Gleim CPA Test Prep 2012
Gleim EA Test Prep 2012
Google Earth Google
Hummingbird (aka SIMS)
iCalc 2.0 Apple
iChat 3.1 Apple
iDVD 7.0.4 Apple
Image Capture 6.0 Apple
iMovie 8.0.5 Apple
Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft
Internet Explorer 9 Microsoft
iPhoto 8.1.1 Apple
iSync 2.4 Apple
iTunes Apple
iTunes 9.0.2 Apple
iWeb 3.0.1 Apple
K2 Sassafras Software
Kurzweil 1000/3000
MacGamut 2003
Maple 16 Maplesoft
Mathematica Wolfram
Microcase Curriculum 2011-2012
Microsoft Office Professional 2008 Microsoft
Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Microsoft
Modeller 9.1 Salilab
NetLogo 4.0.4
Notepad ++
Photo Booth 2.0.3 Apple
Preview 5.0.1 Apple
Processing 1.0.5 Ben Fry and Casey Reas.
Project Professional 2010 Microsoft
QuickBooks Intuit
QuickTime Apple
R for Windows
Rasmol 2.6
RealPlayer Real
Rhapsody Real
Safari 4.0.4 Apple
Salt 2012
SAS 9.3
Sibelius 7
SPSS Statistics 21 IBM
Stickies 5.2 Apple
VLC media player
VLC media player 1.0.3
Wellesley Index (Ask at Helpdesk)
Windows Media Player Microsoft
Diagnostic/Maintenance/Utility Software
Antivirus Sophos
Antivirus 7.x Sophos
Browser Plugins
Adobe Air Adobe
Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 10 Adobe
Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 11 Adobe
Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 12 Adobe
Adobe Flash Player Plugin 10 Adobe
Adobe Flash Player Plugin 11 Adobe
Adobe Flash Player Plugin 12 Adobe
Adobe Shockwave Player 11 Adobe
Adobe Shockwave Player 12 Adobe
Adobe Shockwave Player 9.0 Adobe
Ebrary Reader
Java Embedding Plugin
Java JRE 7 Sun
Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft
Quick View Plus
QuickTime Plug-in 10 Apple
RealPlayer Enterprise Real
Shockwave for Director Adobe
Windows Media Player Plugin Microsoft