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Reserves & E-Reserves


Students are able to access items that professors have placed on reserve.

Many professors request that heavily used materials (such as required readings or class assignments) be placed on reserve for their classes. The Reserve collection also includes items kept on permanent reserve because of their continuous high demand.

Also, some professors place items on E-Reserve, allowing 24/7 access to required materials via Blackboard.


Students may access items that professors have placed on E-Reserve.

Many professors place items on E-Reserve, allowing 24/7 access to required materials via Blackboard.

Graphing Calculators

Graphing Calculators

Graphing calculators are available at the Brooklyn College Library reserves desk. A selection of online graphing calculators are listed on the Library's Math Help page.

Loan Periods

Reserve materials do not circulate.

Items placed on on-site reserve by instructors — books, articles, and personal copies — may be requested at the Reserves Desk on the 1st floor of the library. In order to identify an item that is on reserve, you must check the catalog and confirm that it is available in Brooklyn Reserve.

Books on reserve are available for short periods of time. These loan periods allow many students to have access to the materials:

  • Items placed on 2-hour Reserve loans may be checked out for In-Library use only.
  • Items placed on 3-day Reserve loans may be checked out and used outside of the Library.

On-Site Reserves

Instructors are able to place items on reserve to ensure access to material.

To place an item on on-site reserves, the instructor must first complete an on-site Reserves Materials List Form. Due to the required processing, time and high volume of reserve requests, faculty should submit reserve lists to the Circulation Desk at least four weeks prior to the beginning of a new semester. Lists will be dated and processed in the order of their receipt. However, processing will be speeded up if you submit reserve lists with the materials needed.

Books not already owned by the Brooklyn College Library should be ordered well in advance through the Circulation Desk. This will ensure proper processing and avoid confusion and delay. Photocopies of journal articles and chapters of books to be placed on reserve should be provided by the instructor. Multiple copies can be placed on reserve depending on the assignment and class enrollment—usually one copy for every twenty students. If the Library does not have the required materials, faculty members may place their personal copies on reserve. Please note that neither bound periodicals nor interlibrary loan materials may be placed on reserve.

At the end of the semester, reserve material will be returned to the stacks without further notice to the instructor. Faculty wishing to have the materials kept on reserve for the following term must notify the Circulation Desk before the end of the current semester.

For further assistance regarding reserve procedures, please direct all questions or problems to the Circulation Desk at (718) 951-5335 or via email at E-mail reserve requests and queries can be sent to Mary Pope at

Overdue Fines

Excessive lateness is heavily penalized.

A reader will be blocked from borrowing additional library materials when:

  • he or she has accumulated $5.00 in fines,
  • he or she has one or more overdue book(s),
  • he or she has been billed for a lost book,
  • a recalled item has not been returned. (Recall fines are levied at the rate of $1.00 per day.)

Brooklyn College students with outstanding fines or other obligations will not be able to register for their classes or to obtain transcripts.

A similar failure on the part of borrowers not affiliated with Brooklyn College may result in the suspension or revocation of borrowing privileges.

Items returned late incur late fines.

Late fines at the Brooklyn College Library are:

  • $0.25 per day for regular & 3-day Reserve loans
  • $6.00 per hour for 2-hour Reserve loans

For more information, see Circulation policies. You may also contact the Circulation Desk (1st floor) via or at (718) 951-5335. (Non-receipt of overdue notices does not exempt the borrower from overdue fees.)

Teaching: Copyright & Fair Use

Conformity with copyright restrictions is the responsibility of the instructor.

In order to comply with the fair use provision of Section 107 of the copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code), you cannot. . .

  • reproduce more than 10% of a book;
  • create an electronic course pack that is an exact replication of a published anthology;
  • reproduce workbooks, exercises, standardized tests and test booklets and other published consumable material;
  • systematic downloading from licenced databases, such as with bots or intelligent agents, is not permitted.

You may always...

Technical Problems

Questions or problems with e-Reserves should be reported.

For questions or problems with e-reserves, please contact Mary Pope at 718-951-5335 or

Textbook Options

Save Money on Textbooks

CUNY maintains a useful Textbook Savings page that lists less expensive textbook options, including used books and textbook rentals.