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E-Reserves provides access to reserve material 24/7.

Electronic Course Reserves provides access to reserve material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through your Blackboard course site. Students have the ability to view and print these materials from any computer with Internet access.

Alternatively, instructors may choose to submit documents for On-Site Reserve. In this way, professors can place entire textbooks on reserve to ensure the greatest access to heavily used material.

Before You Begin

Faculty must follow certain guidelines to ensure a speedy and seamless transaction with E-Reserves.

Faculty, please follow these procedures to ensure that E-Reserves staff can create your E-Reserves as quickly as possible. E-Reserves staff needs 2 weeks to create E-Reserves for your course site.

  1. Ensure that your Blackboard course has been activated by logging into the CUNY portal. For assistance with course activation, contact Carlos Cruz at or (718) 951-4667.
  2. Be sure to consult the Library's Copyright Guidelines to ensure appropriate use of materials.
  3. Click here to see Do-it-Yourself instructions to link, scan and upload documents to your Blackboard site.

Do It Yourself

Instructors are able to upload material to Blackboard on their own.
  1. Locating Documents for E-Reserves.
    1. Locating Articles:
      1. See if the Library has access in an electronic database such as Academic Search Premier or JSTOR
        1. From library homepage, click E-Journals Finder
        2. Search E-Journals Finder for the journal title
        3. See which databases have full text, and for what years
        4. NB: in some databases, you can use the URL that appears in the address bar of the browser to link back to the article. Other databases will provide a permanent (also persistent or stable) link to the article somewhere in the bibliographic record. When provided, please copy this link, not the one in the address bar of your browser.
        5. Please add the EZProxy URL to any article link for off-campus access. The EZProxy prefix is

          Thus the link to Academic Search Premier would look like this:

      2. See if the article is freely available online:
        1. Google: good search tactic is to include both article title and author's last name in search box; put the article title in quotation marks.
        2. Google Scholar ( Google and Google Scholar have different bodies of information, so it's worth it to search both. Use same search tactic recommended above.

      Questions? Ask a reference librarian! However, if you have a subject-specific question, it would be best to ask a subject specialist.

    2. Locating Books, Government Documents and Non-Periodical Material:
      1. See if the library has access by checking the library catalog from library homepage, click Catalog.
        1. Electronic material including e-books will show as the Electronic Resource.
        2. Use the url from the ebook package once the book is open, not the catalog url, and don't forget to append the proxy url (see #5 above).
      2. Locate freely-available e-books at
        If you are unable to find a free e-book, send the request to Not all requests can be honored.
      3. To see if a government document is available online go to GPOAccess For assistance with government documents, please contact the Government Documents Librarian, Prof. Jane Cramer, at (718) 951-5332 or
  2. Linking articles, e-books, other electronic documents directly to your Blackboard course site.
    1. Go to the Blackboard course site to which you will link the electronic source
    2. Click the Control Panel
    3. Choose any of the following links from the Content Areas panel
    4. Course Information
    5. Course Documents
    6. External Links
    7. Select the External Links option on the Add bar at the top of the page
    8. Enter a title for the link in the Name field
    9. Type (or paste) the URL (the web address) in the URL field. Be sure to include the http:// at the beginning
    10. Enter a set of descriptive words or sentences in the Text box, including complete bibliographic information about the article (i.e. author, title of article, journal title, volume, issue, pages, date)
    11. Click the Submit button
    12. Press OK to approve your action
    Be sure to tell your students that they will be required to authenticate with the Library's EZ-Proxy server to link to licensed resources from off campus. The instructions for remote access to Library resources is at: Students can also find remote access instructions under the Library tab in Blackboard.
  3. Uploading Scanned Documents to Blackboard
    1. Logon to Blackboard
    2. Go to the course site to which you will post the reading material
    3. Click the Control Panel
    4. Choose Course Information in the Content Areas box
    5. Click the Item button on the Add bar
    6. Enter the name of your document
    7. Scroll down to Section 2
    8. Click the Browse button to find the reading material (document)
    9. Select the document
    10. Click the Submit button
    11. Click OK in the package receipt

Submitting Documents for Scanning and Uploading

E-Reserves staff will scan your documents, create PDFs, and upload them to your Blackboard course site.

In order for us to expedite the processing of your requests, please provide accurate and complete information. Adhering to the instructions below will enable staff to post your documents on your course site as quickly as possible.

  1. Please complete the E-Reserves Request Form for each course. Attach the form along with your syllabus for the course to the photocopied material you want on your Blackboard site.
  2. Please submit photocopies of each document to be scanned for E-Reserves.
    1. Complete the E-Reserves cover sheet for each document placed on E-Reserves.
    2. Photocopies must be very clean, single sided and on 8½" × 11" paper.
      There is a direct relationship between the quality of the photocopy you submit and the quality of the electronic document we are able to create.
      1. Deliver the form and photocopies to the Circulation or Reserves Desk, 1st Floor Library. A staff member will review your material and make certain there are no problems.
      2. If your Blackboard course site is active, E-Reserves staff will upload the PDFs or links to the Documents section of your Blackboard site. In the document list, items will be listed alphabetically by author?s surname and will also show the first 5 words of the title.
      3. E-Reserves staff will contact you to inform you when your documents have been uploaded and the Blackboard course is activated. Your Blackboard course site contains instructions for you and your students on how to access the material.
      4. If you would like help in putting other materials on your Blackboard course site, such as an interactive syllabus, or linking the readings to the syllabus on your course site, please contact Carlos Cruz at or (718) 951-4667. You may also come to the Faculty Training and Development Lab for on-demand one-on-one instruction on Blackboard E-Reserves Monday-Friday from 9am until 5pm.
      5. To place entire books, numerous chapters from the same book, DVDs, CDs, or videos on reserve, please see instructions on how to submit material for On-Site Reserves.
      6. Please consult the Library's copyright guidelines.

Teaching: Copyright & Fair Use

Conformity with copyright restrictions is the responsibility of the instructor.

In order to comply with the fair use provision of Section 107 of the copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code), you cannot. . .

  • reproduce more than 10% of a book;
  • create an electronic course pack that is an exact replication of a published anthology;
  • reproduce workbooks, exercises, standardized tests and test booklets and other published consumable material;
  • systematic downloading from licenced databases, such as with bots or intelligent agents, is not permitted.

You may always...

Technical Problems

Questions or problems with e-Reserves should be reported.

For questions or problems with e-reserves, please contact Mary Pope at 718-951-5335 or