Phones & Fax

Cell Phones

Cell phone usage is restricted in the library.

Silent cell phone activity is permitted everywhere.  Please switch ringers and notifications off or to vibrate.  If you need to take or make a quick call, please keep your voice low.  If you are in an extended conversation on your cell phone, please move to any public stairwell, the areas around elevators, the Circulation area or the hallway behind the Reserve Reading Room.

Fax Machines

There is no public fax service in the Library.

The BC Copy Center, located in James Hall room 0714, offers fax service (NYC and Long Island only) during college business hours. Fees are $2.00/1st page and $1.25/each additional page for outgoing faxes; $1.00/page for incoming faxes.

Fax service is also available at local copying and printing businesses, including Far Better Copy on Hillel Place (map).

Alternatively, you may scan your document(s) at any one of the self-service scanners available in the Library and use an Internet fax service to submit your document. (Free Fax lets you send up to two free faxes per day to anywhere in the U.S. — including Puerto Rico — and Canada. There is a limit of 3 pages per fax, and an ad will appear on the cover page. For other free and paid Internet fax services, please see

Pay Phones

There are no pay phones in the Library.
Unfortunately, all the public pay phones were removed by the telephone company because they were considered unprofitable. You may use a service desk telephone for a brief local call.