Library: Third Floor

360 - Technical Services

Faculty/Staff: Tolchinsky, Channie, Canada, Graciela, Arruda, John, Wild, Judith, Iskenderian, Marguerite, Badchkan, Maxine, Chipok, Robert, Morgan, Rosemary, Bowdoin, Sally
Responsible Units: Acquisitions, Administration, Cataloging, Serials, Technical Services
Room Contacts: Wild, Judith
Room Reservation: Not Reservable.

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Room # Room Name
Public Service Desks
360 InterLibrary Loan (ILL)
382 Faculty Development Lab Service Desk
360 Technical Services
381 Multimedia/Instruction Design & Blackboard Support
385 Programming and Web Development Support
386 Office
387 Systems and Development
382 Faculty Training and Development Lab
383 PC Multimedia Classroom
384 MAC Multimedia Classroom
Group Study Rooms
310 Group Study
315 Group Study
340 Group Study
341 Group Study
342 Group Study
380 Group Study
301 Women's Restroom
302 Men's Restroom
311 Women's Restroom
314 Men's Restroom