Thing to Remember!
  • The New Media Center (NMC) and Music Library staff members are responsible for distributing videos and music-related videos, respectively.
  • Some videos circulate and some don't, so the NMC offers viewing rooms with VCRs and DVD players. You can request a room at the NMC service desk on the 2nd floor.
  • Media that circulates must be returned on time. Items returned late incur late fees:
    (1) $0.10 per day for regular & 3-day Reserve loans
    (2) $1.20 per hour for 2-hour Reserve loans

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Videos & DVDs

Some students are surprised to learn that the Brooklyn College Library houses more than just books and journals. In fact, the Library is home to many videos, including music-related videos. These videos are accessed on the second floor, either in the New Media Center (for most videos) or Music Library (for music-related videos).

Using the CUNY+ catalog, you may look up specific titles to see if the Library owns a copy. Some videos circulate and can be checked out of the Library. Please see the staff at the New Media Center for assistance.

Circulation of Videos

Viewing Rooms

Items that circulate may be taken home and viewed at your leisure. However, items that are on 2-hour reserve must be viewed in the Library.

Late Fees

Once you are finished viewing the video (whether it was in a viewing room or at home), you must return the item to the NMC service desk on the 2nd floor. If material is returned late, you will incur late fees.