Welcome to the Brooklyn College Library Ask-a-Librarian!

What is Ask-a-Librarian?

Ask-a-Librarian is designed to provide fast answers to your questions using information found on the Internet and in databases funded by the Brooklyn College Library and the City University of New York. In most cases, our librarians will provide an answer online in 15 minutes or less! If your question involves lengthy research, we'll get you started and provide a referral for you or your question.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for answers to general questions about the most used library services.

Use Ask-a-Librarian to get

  • Help checking whether the Library has a copy of a book, magazine, journal, etc., that you need.
  • An explanation of Library services and policies.
  • Advice about how to begin researching a topic.
  • Suggestions about databases to use.
  • Tips about how to search databases, the library catalog, or the Web.
  • Assistance with evaluating the usefulness of a resource (book, article, Web site, etc.) for your assignment.

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Use of this service constitutes consent for the Library to use the transcript of the interaction for research pruposed provided that identifying information about the user is deleted.