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Policies & Procedures

Academic Integrity

Acceptable Use of Computing Resources


During your stay, the Library staff ask that you be on your best behavior.

In order to provide an environment conducive to research and quiet study, the Brooklyn College Library prohibits the following activities:

  • Loud talking, running, or jumping
  • Loitering or roaming
  • Abusive language or public profanity
  • Damaging library materials, equipment, or property
  • Sleeping or lying on furniture or floors
  • Putting feet on furniture or walls
  • Littering
  • Playing radios, tape players, etc., except with earphones at low volume
  • Posting signs anywhere in the Library, on any surface
  • Soliciting, campaigning, or petitioning for any purpose

Cell Phones

Cell phone usage is restricted in the library.

Silent cell phone activity is permitted everywhere.  Please switch ringers and notifications off or to vibrate.  If you need to take or make a quick call, please keep your voice low.  If you are in an extended conversation on your cell phone, please move to any public stairwell, the areas around elevators, the Circulation area or the hallway behind the Reserve Reading Room.

Emergency Procedures

In the event that the Library must be quickly evacuated, please follow the directions of the Library staff or the campus security officers.

These rules are important to insure your safety as well as the safety of others:

  • Leave the facilities immediately when told to do so.
  • Do not waste time saving or printing your work, sending your email, or arguing that you need to accomplish one more task.
  • Do not leave your personal belongings unattended. The Library is not responsible for any lost items.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverages are limited in the Library to prevent damage to Library materials, including books, computers and furnishings.

Food and beverages can damage library collections and equipment with spills and messes, and they attract rodents and other unwanted pests.  Food odors and sounds are also annoying to other users.

No food is allowed in the Brooklyn College Library. All drinks must have lids. No eating or drinking (including water) is permitted in the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room. Only water is permitted at public computers.


Lost & Found

Lost & Found items are kept temporarily in a drawer at the Reference Desk.

The Lost & Found drawer at the Reference Desk should be emptied nightly by the CA on duty until closing. Items in the drawer should be brought to the Circulation Desk. Lost and found items are eventually removed from the Circulation Desk and brought to the Security Office.

Personal Audio

Personal audio players must be audible only to their owners.
Keep personal audio completely personal; lower the volume so only you can hear it.


Still photography for personal use is permitted in the Library.

No photographs, videotapes or films may be reproduced, distributed, or sold without permission from the Library.  Please contact Professor Miriam Deutch at 718-951-5221 or for further information.


In compliance with the campus-wide policy on smoking, patrons are prohibited from smoking anywhere inside the Library or any other Brooklyn College building.

For those who wish to smoke, canisters are located at major entrances where cigarettes can be extinguished before entering college buildings. Your cooperation in promoting the health and well-being of the entire Brooklyn College community is vital and very much appreciated.

Test Proctoring

The Brooklyn College Library does not provide test proctoring services.

The Office of Testing does through its Distance Learning Examination Program.

Wheelchair Access

All levels of the Library, classrooms, and auditorium comply with ADA guidelines for accessibility.

The front entrance of the Library is wheelchair accessible. (There is an automatic door to the left of the front door.) All levels of the Library, classrooms, and auditorium comply with ADA guidelines for accessibility. All tables in the Library are ADA compliant. Adjustable height tables are located on the Lower Level at carrels 0G10 (opposite Periodicals Compact Shelving), 0D2 & 3 (opposite Government Documents and Periodicals Compact Shelving), and 0F2 (in the Current Periodicals Reading Room); on the first floor at carrels 1D19 & 20 (opposite the public elevators), 1H2 (opposite Special Collections on the first floor) and Table 1 in the Reserve Reading Room; on the second floor at 2C38 (in front of the New Media Center Desk), 2C6 (near the Music Service Desk and New Media Service Desk), and 2A1 (in front of the Octagonal Reading Room); and in every classroom in the Library.

To access the Multipurpose Room, Library Administration offices, fourth floor group study rooms (415, 416, 417), and Library staff lounge please call ahead to (718) 951-5342 for assistance with the wheelchair lift. Or you can take the staff elevator to the 4th floor which allows for ramp access to all rooms on the fourth floor.

To gain wheelchair access to the Multipurpose Room (4th Fl.), certain measures must be taken.

Please direct persons in wheelchairs to the 1st floor elevator across from Special Collections. Take this elevator to the 4th floor and follow the sign to the Library. The Multipurpose room is to the right of the Library Administration suite.

Alternatively, persons can take the main elevators to the 4th floor, enter the 4th floor reading room, and go down the ramp to the door on the right. The rear door of the Multipurpose would have to be opened for wheelchair access.