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Go to Information and services section in the lefthand column - choose Residents. Look in the lower section of the right hand column for the My Neighborhood link. Fill in an address and you should get a page with a map of the neighborhood around the address with topical tables. Use the buttons on the left to navigate the page. Categories available are: City Life, Education (covers all levels), Elected Officials (as good as "They Represent You"), Health, Public Safety (get your Police Precinct # here), Recreation, Resident Services, Transportation (bus and subway information) and Neighborhood Statistics. Statistics link gives you information in both tables and graphics from the Mayor's Management Report dealing with other aspects of Education, Health & Human Services issues, as well as environmental data, Community Services, public safety and infrastructure information. One of the most useful features of these pages is the community board maps that allow users to compare their neighborhood to others in the city. Users can "redraw maps by Community Boards, Police Precincts or School Districts."

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