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JoVE Science Education Collection (trial)
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JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) Science Education is the revolutionary video collection dedicated to teaching laboratory fundamentals through simple, easy to understand video demonstrations. Sample titles include "An Introduction to the Centrifuge" and "Making Solutions in the Laboratory."

** This trial lasts until 12-31-2013 and is for the Science Education section only. **

Other subscription JoVE sections include: Neuroscience, Immunology & Infection, Clinical & Translational Medicine, Bioengineering, Applied Physics, Chemistry, Behavior, and Enviornment.

Visit for additional video clips and information.

Please email your JoVE feedback to the subject librarian listed on the top right part of this subject guide. We need this feedback in order to measure the desire for future subscriptions to the JoVE sections listed above.

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Trial Period Ends: December 31, 2013

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