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Things to Remember!
  • The Government Documents Center of the Library (located on the Lower Level) contains statistical data, such as U.S. Census information.
  • For a complete list of governmental & statistical data, see the Government Information and Demographics & Statistics subject pages.

Government Information

The Brooklyn College Library is a selective depository receiving 49.12% of materials printed by the U.S. government. The Library became a depository in 1937, but our holdings go back much further than that. Our holdings from 1976 to the present are included in the library catalog. Paper indexes are available for older materials. Aside from a small collection of reference materials kept behind the service desk (on the Lower Level), the collection is shelved on open stacks. The collection includes a wide range of Congressional materials that date back to the 1800s and deal with a wide range of topics including health care, economics, foreign policy, equal rights, the environment, and education. Collection strengths include statistical information on education, health and nutrition, U.S. Census, crime and justice, historical information, maps, science, and geology.

Some non-reference print and electronic materials may be borrowed by members of the Brooklyn College community. Online resources are freely available to anyone with Internet access; you can find links to many of these resources on the Government Information subject page.

If you have any questions, please contact the Government Documents Librarian, Prof. Jane Cramer, at (718) 951-5332 or janecbrooklyn.cuny.edu

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Statistical Research

For those who are interested in doing statistical research, the Government Information and Demographics & Statistics subject pages are invaluable resources.