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Articles & Periodicals |

Things to Remember!
  • You have access to journals in print and online.
  • Print periodicals (or journals) are kept on the Lower Level of the Library.
  • We receive most periodicals electronically, which means that you can access articles on-campus or from home.
  • There are 2 types of published articles:
    (1) Popular (e.g., Newsweek and The Economist) and
    (2) Scholarly/peer-reviewed (e.g., Modern Drama and Shakespeare Quarterly)

Articles & Periodicals

There are many types of published articles. They can be popular (usually either news or opinion, e.g., Newsweek) or scholarly (peer-reviewed articles based on research, e.g., Modern Drama). Peer review is the process by which an article is evaluated and judged for quality and accuracy by other scholars and experts before it is published. Scholarly articles are published in journals.

A good way to find articles on your topic is to use OneSearch or an article database - both tools allow you to search for articles by topic. Many of these articles will be available full-text online. Students can also view articles in print by looking at current print periodicals and older print journals.


Start with a keyword search on your topic. OneSearch results will provide citations to both books and articles, but you can limit your search to articles by using (clicking on) the limiters available (Peer Reviewed Journals, for example).


Some databases (such as Academic Search Complete and JSTOR) help you find articles in many fields, while others (such as PsycINFO, Biological Abstracts, or Humanities Abstracts) only cover articles in a specific field.

Choosing a Database

There are 2 good ways to choose a database from the many we subscribe to here at the Brooklyn College Library:

  1. Look at the Research Guides (created by librarians, arranged by subject) for suggested databases in your field.
  2. Talk to a reference librarian for assistance choosing the best database for your research question. To find out how, visit the Ask-A-Librarian page.
Video tutorial for finding articles


Articles can also be found by viewing current print periodicals (journals, magazines, and newspapers — all of which are published on a regular schedule), which are located on the Lower Level, to the left as you exit the elevators or the grand staircase. They are organized alphabetically by journal title. Newspapers are located on the left side of the room and are arranged according to title.

Older print journals (in bound volumes) are located on the Lower Level across from the elevators. Journals from 1980 until the present time are shelved in the front section; pre-1980 journals are located in the back section. Bound journals are organized according to the Library of Congress Classification system. Search the catalog by journal title (not article title!) to see journal locations.

Finding Full Text

If you can't find the full-text of the article you're looking for, you may request the article through interlibrary loan or ask a librarian for help.