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Find Articles

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"How Do I Find Articles?"

Whether you need a scholarly article or an article from a newspaper or popular magazine, the Brooklyn College Library has hundreds of databases in all different subject areas to help you.

With so many to choose from, it can all seem a bit confusing, but don't worry. You will be more confident by the end of this lesson because you will know:

  • The basics of a database
  • How to find the databases on the library's website
  • How to choose a database that is relevant to your research
  • How to locate the specific articles you need

How Much Do You Already Know?


Database Basics

Databases are library search tools that help you locate articles on a particular topic or by a specific author.


How Do I Access the Databases?

Here are some access points from the Library's homepage.  You can click on either the "Articles & Databases" tab, or use the "Subject Guides" tab to get a list of recommended databases by subject.

How Do I Choose a Database?

Choosing from among the hundreds of databases that Brooklyn College owns can be daunting. Here are a few quick tips:

Fact Check

Help Fiat Lux explain library databases to her friend Clue Lux. Determine whether the statements below describe or do not describe databases and drag them to the appropriate box.


How Do I Search in a Database?

Databases may look different but they can all be searched in similar ways. Go to a database's Help feature for detailed instructions or use the helpful hints below:


What Do I Need to Find an Article?

Everything you need to locate your article is in the citation.


How Do I Find a Copy of the Article I Want?

Once you have your list of citations and abstracts, your next step will be to locate a copy of your article. There are several ways to do this.



Note: This section of the Research LOOP is adapted from a tutorial created by the University of California Libraries.