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Several ARTstor collections will be of interest to scholars, teachers, and students in the field of History. Historians working with evidence derived from material and visual culture will find ARTstor's collections especially valuable. The encyclopedic Image Gallery contains a vast array of primary source materials, ranging from postcards in the University of Miami's Cuban Heritage Collection, early American funerary sculpture from the American Antiquarian Society's Farber Gravestone Collection, historical photographs from the George Eastman House and the Library of Congress, and maps and travel photography from Cornell University's Southeast Asia Visions: John M. Echols Collection. Images relating to world-historical events, such as scenes of the American, French, and Russian Revolutions, abound. So, too, do historical portraits from all eras and areas of human history. Political portraits range from Roman emperors to Charlemagne, from painted portraits of George Washington to Edgar Snow's photographs of Chairman Mao. ARTstor also offers many images of propaganda materials, political cartoons and caricatures, as well as art works that are telling historical documents, whether Soviet Realist paintings, or works from the Nazi "Degenerate Art" exhibition of 1937.

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