Fair Use of Images
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This Statement on the Fair Use of Images for Teaching, Research, and Study describes six uses of copyrighted still images that the Visual Resources Association (www.vraweb.org) believes fall within the U.S. doctrine of fair use.

The following six uses are:

  1. Use of images for in-class use.
  2. Use of images (both large, high-resolution images and thumbnails) on password protected course websites and in other platforms restricted to students and faculty at Brooklyn College.
  3. Adaptation of images for teaching and classroom work by students.
  4. Sharing images among educational and cultural institutions to facilitate teaching and study.
  5. Reproduction of images in theses and dissertations.
  6. Preservation (storing images for repeated use in a teaching context and transferring images to new formats).

Consider these five variables when determining the fair use of images:

  1. The copyright status of the underlying work represented in the image.
  2. The copyright status of the photographic reproduction.
  3. The specific source from which you have obtained the image under consideration.
  4. Any terms of use or contract that may govern the uses of the image
  5. The intended use(s) of the image.

The Digital Image Rights Computator created by the Visual Resources Association can help you do this too.

Questions?  Please contact Professor Miriam Deutch, miriamd@brooklyn.cuny.edu.  718.951.5221.